The Mission

What is your ‘Why’? Is it your Family? Your Work? Your Health? At O-Studio, we’re for every ‘Why’ that life has to offer.

But we know that living that ‘why’ every day takes composure, strength, resilience, creativity, compassion and everything in between.

That’s Why we’re here.

To provide the tools, practices and expertise to help you get the most out of your body and mind.
To get one step closer to nailing your ‘Why’ every time you walk through our door.

The Team

Jess Smith

Founder - Yoga - Community
For me, yoga isn’t just a practice. It’s a place to find a community and a way of life.
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Sam Thomas

Founder - Innovation - Meditation
Psychology is in an incredible time of advancement, and it's my mission is to make that mean something to all of us.
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Tim Bateman

Founder • Owner • Leader
I know that if I’m not working on my mental game as hard as I’m training in the gym, everything suffers.
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Sophie Heinz

Leader • Community Creator
The world rolls on in ways we will never understand. Well-being is about managing how we react to, not control, our ever changing world. What's important: It takes practice.
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Casey Bell

Yoga Leader
Movement speaks many languages. From the fierce tones of a sparring session to the gentle whisper of restorative poses. For me it speaks directly to my mental state, saying all that I need to hear.⁠
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Steve Bell

Customer Care • Motivator
My cancer journey taught me this: health is wealth. Despite, or even through your setbacks, you can find a reality that is worth living. It's my job to help our community feel that truth.
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Hannah McGimpsey

Yoga Enthusiast
More than anything, yoga is fun! It's the sense of playfulness that draws me in, and keeps me coming back. There is so much to discover about our bodies, yoga allows us to explore all the we can be.
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Charlotte Bell

Yoga Advocate
The conversation between your body and your mind is crucial to a healthy life. A yoga practice is a mental health practice, and so much more.
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Mesha Hutt

Well-being Explorer
Aren't our minds fascinating? They both react to, and create the world we inhabit. Getting that relationship right is what well-being is all about. An endless journey of discovering who we really are.
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Cheena Rae

Wellbeing Champion
So often we just skim along the surface of life. But the depths of life is where we experience the most growth. I'm here for real conversations, deep creativity and genuine well-being.
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Dawn Alman

Yoga Master
Yoga pours light into life's challenging spaces. It's just you, a mat, and a vibe for introspection. Rough or smooth, what's important is that we learn to flow WITH the current.⁠
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Alysa Greenland

Yoga Lover
Yoga is different for everyone. But acceptance, mindfulness, mobility, connection, gratitude and strength can be found in all of us. I help people discover what yoga means to them!⁠
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Hassan Bukhari

Yoga Connector
We have different minds and different bodies. What connects us in yoga is the practice; that feeling we get when we relax deeper into the pose, and into ourselves.⁠
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Jessie Lynch

Yoga Energizer
Yoga nourishes me. The calm within the storm. My journey compels me to share a strong and balanced practice with my community. Be who you want to be.⁠
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Babs Leyten

Yoga Electrifier
Our bodies are our vessels through life. I will guide your Yoga & Pilates practice to help build strength, mobility, balance, core strength and flexibility. All while improving your overall wellness for your body and mind. Be the best version of YOU!
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Lucien Knabbs

Yoga Practitioner
Movement is one of my biggest loves in life. It makes me feel alive. It makes me feel present. When I move and shift physically, I move and shift emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
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Kate Osborne

Embodiment Specialist
Massage is about more than just the body. It's how we feel about ourselves. How we learn to live in harmony with the physical. Embody the life you want to lead.
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Andy Kavanova

Bodywork Expert
Massage crosses cultures, and language. It's a form of communication; of compassion and nurturing. The feeling you get from deep massage, it speaks for itself.
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The Yogis

The Space