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Casual Meditation

Find a comfortable position for just 20 minutes of gentle focus on something that is important to you. 

$12 per session
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Casual Yoga

Expect some personality from the teacher as they lead you through a bespoke experience that is built for the people in the room.

$22 per session
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Casual Ice-bath/Sauna

Book in an ice-bath & sauna, you get to use the space however you like for 50 minutes!

$40 per session
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Casual Float

60 minutes of one of the most powerful relaxation tools known to psychology.

$95 per session
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Casual Recovery Space

Give your mind and body some time out for an hour.

$20 per session
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Relax. You are in good hands for our 50 minute massage.

$75 per session
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Introductory Packs

Yoga & Meditation

Try our yoga & meditation classes on for size. One month unlimited access to all our yoga and meditation classes plus a 20% discount on all services for one month.


Give flotation a real shot. Three float sessions for you to use plus a 20% discount on all our services for one month.

$240 / 3 sessions



With the O-Membership you have access to all the tools for a true wellness lifestyle. Yoga in the morning. Meditate at midday. Ice-bath & Sauna after work. Float when you need it. Massage, the icing on the cake. Get the most out of your body and mind with the O-Membership.

The ultimate O-studio Experience.
$65 per week
  • Unlimited access to yoga, meditation & the recovery room. 

  • One float session, massage, ice-bath & sauna each month.

  • 20% discount on additional float sessions and massages.


If you want more flexibility with O-Studio, our O-Flexi membership is the way to go. $20 is invested onto your account each week, giving you a 20% discount on all services! A little can go a long way as you watch your credit accumulate, allowing you to take care of your wellbeing in a way that suits your lifestyle.

O-Studio your way.
$20 per week
  • 20% off all our services at O-Studio.

  • $20 is a credit towards O-Studio services.

  • Shareable with one other.


Get your practice in with this mix and match class option. In the mood for a week full of meditation? Go for it. Rather get your body into top shape with a few yoga sessions? Please do. Want a bit of both? The choice is yours with the O-Pass! Worried you'll miss a week? No worries, your payments accumulate!

Mix and Match Classes
$36 per week / 3 month contract
  • 3 yoga sessions per week

  • OR swap any yoga class for 2 x meditation sessions

  • 20% off all other services at O-Studio

Memberships - Annual

O-Membership (Annual)

Have your best year yet with our Annual O-Membership.

O Annual.
  • Unlimited access to yoga, meditation, & the recovery room.

  • 12 float sessions, 12 ice-baths/saunas and 12 massages on your account.

  • 20% discount on additional float sessions and massages.

Annual Yoga

There is no limit to what you can become with our annual yoga membership. Two sessions a day? No problems! Unlimited means unlimited, all year long. All for a one off payment of $1,495.00.

There is no limit to what you can become. 
$1,495 one off payment.
  • Unlimited access to all our yoga classes.

  • 20% off all other services.

Annual Float

Master the art of flotation with our annual float membership. 26 float sessions to use however you choose. You will not regret this investment in your mental performance.

Master the art of Flotation. 
$1690 one off payment
  • 26 float sessions on your account.

  • 20% off all other services.