Set your goals. Work with experts. Make the change.


Set your goals. Work with experts. Make the change.

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The best thing you can do for your well-being is to have someone on your team. Asking you the right questions. Capturing your insight. Keeping you accountable. Coaching at O-Studio is about understanding you, and helping you create a lifestyle you love.

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O-Studio’s most immersive wellness experience. Our Top 2 Training Programme is the best way to boost your mental performance.


Try it out with one session, set your goals with three or make real changes with a 10 week course.

Our 10 week coaching course is designed to help you build the mental skills you need to lead a lifestyle you love. Weekly hour-long sessions with a coach will help you to define where you’re going, and our support will help you get there.


We recommend that you use coaching at a time in your life when you’re ready to step up a level.  

We are flexible with our timings and can work around you. However, make some time for the experience because well, you’re worth it.

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The link between performance and nutrition is clear. Give your mind and body the fuel they need to be at their best. NOTE: Due to COVID-19 we have had to limit this offering. Please send us an email at if you would like to book an appointment.