Get away. Get back. Get better.

Own the moment

Our suite of modern wellness tools and practices have been carefully selected to give you everything you need to relax, recover and succeed. Whether you’re looking to press pause, return to full strength or get more out of every day, you will find an experience you love at O-Studio. 

Ice bath & Sauna

Find the benefits in your own private infrared sauna and ice-bath experience at O-Studio.


When you book in an ice-bath & sauna, you get to use the space however you like for 50 minutes! We do have a guideline that we show you through for the ultimate sauna and ice-bath experience, but whether you follow it is up to you.

Both the infrared sauna and ice-bath are adjustable which means that you are in control of the whole experience!


The ice-bath and sauna experience is great for two people to enjoy together. If you’re coming by yourself, we will give you support on getting into the ice-bath if you haven’t done it before!

All you need to do is bring a bathing suit to soak in, we provide everything else you need for the experience.

$50 / Drop-In

Above are the casual prices. See our Pricing page.


O-Studio’s most immersive wellness experience. Our Top 2 Training Programme is the best way to boost your mental performance.


Our 10 week coaching course is designed to help you build the mental skills you need to lead a lifestyle you love. Weekly hour-long sessions with a coach will help you to define where you’re going, and our support will help you get there.


We recommend that you use coaching at a time in your life when you’re ready to step up a level. 

We are flexible with our timings and can work around you. However, make some time for the experience because well, you’re worth it.

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Recovery Space

Normatec recovery equipment and our favourite digital content on mental performance. Take some time out for yourself in your personal Recovery Space.


You have access to the recovery room and all of the tools in it for an hour. 

In your own personal recovery space you will have access to Normatec Recovery Garments, Gen2 Percussion Massage Gun, journal guides and an iPad filled with curated media content from the team at O-Studio!

Dive right in to whatever tool suits your needs, or just switch off.

Note: You must bring covered leggings eg pants to use our Normatec compression pants. Lightweight tights or spandex are best.


We have 3 recovery spaces that you can book for 45 minute recovery sessions. 
Please book in advance as there's high demand for the recovery space! 

$25 / Drop-In

Above are the casual prices. See our Pricing page.


Whether it’s an indulgence, as stress relief or as part of a recovery regime, our massage therapists truly hit the spot. 


Our 50 minute massages are built to suit your needs. 

Whether you want a strong deep tissue massage or a relaxing time to switch off, our massage therapists will take the time to understand what you are wanting, and check in regularly to ensure you get what you came for.


Currently we are offering massage at the space every day except Tuesday. 
Check the schedule for more details! 

IMPORTANT: Women in their first trimester are unable to come to massage!

$85 / Drop-In

Above are the casual prices. See our Pricing page.


The link between performance and nutrition is clear. Give your mind and body the fuel they need to be at their best. NOTE: Due to COVID-19 we have had to limit this offering. Please send us an email at if you would like to book an appointment.