Release your tension. You’re in good hands.


Release your tension. You’re in good hands.

Own the moment

Deep tissue or relaxation, our massage therapists truly hit the spot. There is no better feeling than letting go and letting a trained professional give you the work your body needs. This is a practice your body will thank you for.

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Massage 3 Pack • $225

The only thing better than a massage, is three massages. That will give us time to make real progress with your aches and pains.


Our 50 minute massages are built to suit your needs. Whether you want a strong deep tissue massage or a relaxing time to switch off, our massage therapists will take the time to understand what you are wanting, and check in regularly to ensure you get what you came for.


Currently we are offering massage at the space every day except Tuesday. Check the schedule for more details! 

IMPORTANT: Women in their first trimester are unable to come to massage!

$85 / Drop-In

Above are the casual prices. See our Pricing page.