Practice stillness. Build mindfulness. Nail your shit.


Practice stillness. Build mindfulness. Nail your shit.

Own the moment

Neuroscientists are discovering what the East has understood for centuries. Meditation improves our mental performance. Focus. Resilience. Gratitude. Connection. 
If you want to be less distracted at home, on your game at work, and to win the moments that matter most, Meditation at O-Studio is for you.

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Our meditations are designed from emerging research on a variety of mental practices. Our classes are more than breathwork. They’re a series of exercises that reflect the mental skills you need to take your challenges head on. Optimism. Imagination. Compassion. Grit. Confidence. 
20 minutes is all you need to become your best right now. 


Meditation can be an incredible experience when done with other people in a guided setting. Find a comfortable position for just 20 minutes of gentle focus on something that is important to you. 

Our meditation teachers will explain the exercise and guide you through the technique as you go. Even still, you will find yourself lost in thought at times. Realising that is what meditation is all about!


You don’t need to have ever tried meditation before to love our classes! Feel free to book in advance or drop in to our meditation classes as there will be a space for you. 
All you need to do is turn up and sit down, we’ll sort out the rest. 

$15 / Drop In

Above are the casual prices. See our Pricing page