The O-Recover Reset

From surviving to thriving in 12 weeks. Starting June 1st.

Join us for a community well-being challenge. If you want to learn how to deeply relax, this one's for you. Sign up by joining the O-Recover Membership | Join by 1st of June to get your first week free!
The O-Recover Membership

Join before Monday the 1st of June to get your first week free.

$35 per week
12 week contract
  • One Float & Ice-bath and Sauna per month

  • Unlimited access to the Recovery Space, Mellow Yoga & Meditation

  • Services shareable with one other

  • First access to our free 'perspectives on well-being' event with leaders in our community on the last Sunday of each month

Well-being evenings

Perspectives on wellbeing from leaders in our community.