Babs Leyten

Yoga Electrifier
Our bodies are our vessels through life. I will guide your Yoga & Pilates practice to help build strength, mobility, balance, core strength and flexibility. All while improving your overall wellness for your body and mind. Be the best version of YOU!

Recent Updates

From a very young age, I was always seen as a pure spirit. My parents said I was tough, brave and up for any challenge. That's until High School happened, and I was trying to "fit in" . I became extremely self conscious and didn't know who I was.

At 19 I started travelling, and that's when I slowly started to find myself again. I did my first Yoga class in Brighton, UK and absolutely fell in love. I came home from travelling and wanted to delve into the Health and Wellness industry, so I qualified as a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Yoga & Pilates Teacher. Realizing pretty quickly that my passion was more Yoga & Pilates, I decided to teach that full-time.

I love the element of mindfulness both Yoga & Pilates bring. It's a mind, body & spirit connection and you go inwards and connect to yourself and your breath. This has always helped me along my journey, especially using affirmations. This tool has guided me to realize not to compare myself, being grateful for what I have, to accept and love who I am and living my most happy and joyful life.

Why I chose an Affirmation Yogalates class is because it has the perfect combination of Yoga & Pilates, put together. In each pose I give you an affirmation to boost your self esteem, build that self love and start your day on the right track! I love adding my quirky personality into my classes, so I hope you enjoy this one :)

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