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The O-Recover Reset

From surviving to thriving in 12 weeks.

Join us for our community well-being challenge and discover what true rest and recovery can do for your life. If you want to get more from your life, do less with us. Jam packed with life-changing practices and special events with leaders in our community. You don't want to miss this!

New Year Package

2022 Two Float, Two Sauna / Ice-bath Pack.

This year, put your wellbeing first with our float, sauna, ice-bath package.


What's included
  • 2 Float Sessions

  • 2 Ice-bath & Sauna Sessions

Shut out the noise. Focus on your body.

Take some time out of a busy life and just move. Our yoga experience helps you truly feel every movement.

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Sit with us and slow the mind. 

Hit pause and just breathe. It only takes a moment to remember that this one is all we have. 

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Feel the serenity of true silence.

When everything is taken away, calmness is effortless. Sink into the deepest relaxation experience we have to offer.

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Switch off, you're in good hands. 

A key way to release stress and tension is through relaxing our body. Surrender to the feeling of freedom.

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Your own personal wellness space.

Based on a Japanese concept, our recovery space is your ultimate getaway. Book in some you time. 

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Sink in and feel the heat.

As your core temperature rises, you just can't help but relax. Chill out while you heat up with infrared sauna. 

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Your body was made to move.

Active recovery is an essential part of the restorative process. Take recovery into your own hands with yoga. 

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Let stillness replenish a tired body.

Weightlessness lets your body switch off and restore. Discover how well your body can heal itself under zero gravity. 

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Every body deserves serious attention.

Deep tissue work can help to accelerate muscle recovery. Let us help you get back in action. 

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Experience a world class recovery tool.

Normatec is a device built for elite athletes to flush lactic acid from the legs. Active recovery while you sit back and relax. 

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Take your body to the extremes.

Hot and cold therapy has been used as a recovery tool for centuries. Feel the rush as your body restores itself from the inside out. 

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Sink in and feel the heat.

As your core temperature rises, you just can't help but relax. Chill out while you heat up with infrared sauna. 

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Move your body, change your mind. 

Mindful movement gives us control we never knew we had. Own your movement throughout the day with yoga at O-Studio. 

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Your mind will go where you lead it.

Ancient wisdom and neuroscience collide. Just 20 minutes a day is enough to build towards a mind you love. 

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One step back two steps forward.

Solitude has been a source of creative inspiration for thousands of years. Make it a practice with flotation.

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Reflection and intention are acts of growth.

The science is clear: if we process our experience, we learn through it. Take pause and move forward with our journal guides. 

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Life on the edge of your comfort zone.

Cold immersion is building resilience in people all over the world. With our support you can take the plunge.

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The best mental shape of your life.

Mental skills are the key to being your best every day. If you want more from your mind, try our 10 week Top 2 Training programme.

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Become a Member


Get unlimited access to all our services (excluding massage). Float every single week if you like. Yoga & pilates on tap. Meditation, ice-bath & sauna and more! Receive a free coaching session when you sign up to ensure you get the most out of O-Studio. This membership could change your life.

$75 per week / Three month contract

What's included
  • Unlimited access to yoga, pilates & meditation.

  • Unlimited access to float, ice-bath & sauna and the recovery space.

  • 20% off massage.


Stay active in body and mind with the O-Move membership. Make full use of all our class options: yoga, pilates & meditation.

$45 per week / One month contract

What's included
  • Unlimited access to yoga and meditation.

  • Unlimited pilates

  • 20% off additional services (excluding massage).


Life is hard. We push ourselves to the absolute limit day in day out. The O-Recover gives you access to the tools you need to bounce back faster both physically and mentally. Each month, receive a float and ice-bath sauna session each month PLUS get unlimited use of our recovery space, meditation & mellow yoga classes. You are so worth it.

$35 per week / One month contract

What's included
  • One float & Ice-bath and Sauna per month.

  • Unlimited access to the Recovery Space, Meditation & Mellow Yoga.

  • Services shareable with one other.