Why We Love Yoga - Alysa Greenland

I was born without a thyroid, and throughout most of my life...

I was born without a thyroid, and throughout most of my life, I pretended it wasn’t a big deal (and to be honest, I’ve only recently started opening up about it). But your thyroid is a pretty bloody important gland within the body that regulates your heart rate, breathing, central nervous system, metabolism and energy levels (to name a few).

My hormone levels were constantly high or low. One day I would feel down and unmotivated, the next day, anxious with excessive energy. I couldn’t find balance, and it wasn’t just that I couldn’t get my thyroxine dosage right. My mind and body were out of balance, and I didn’t have the tools or knowledge to do anything about it. It’s taken me years to realise that my yoga practice was what eventually taught me to feel balanced, and to be mindful of the high’s and low’s. Experiencing them now with acceptance and understanding, not frustration and anger.

Yoga has been my saving grace and I’ve seen it be that for others time and time again. This is why I teach.