Calm your body. Refresh your mind. Step back.

Own the moment

Flotation is a tool that is now being used all over the world to help people get the most out of their bodies and minds. Whether you want to calm down a racing mind, relax a tired body or inspire your creativity, Flotation is the tool for you at O-Studio.

Your space to truly unwind. 

Life can be hectic. Expectations. Demands. Pressures. The flotation environment was designed to be the ultimate response to our stressful world. Still. Effortless. Calm.


Choose from one of our huge private float cabins. Lakeside Cabin. Clay Cabin. Forest Cabin. Immerse yourself in 500 kilograms of epsom salt dissolved in water. Light, sound, temperature and touch all disappear as you drift into serenity.

You will feel that the hour has flown by when the tranquil music lets you know that it’s time to get out and face the day, relaxed and refreshed.


It’s easy to float, and anyone can do it! You don’t have to bring anything, we have you covered. For best results, it’s best not to drink caffeine within an hour before you float!

NB: you aren’t able to float when you are on your period unfortunately.

$95 / per session

Above are the casual prices. See our Pricing page

The Float Intro • $240 for 3 Floats

A single float session can leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed, but floating more regularly can give you that mental edge to glide through your life. We recommend floating three times within a month to feel the true benefits of this awesome tool.