Ice-bath & Sauna

Comfort in discomfort. Feel the heat. Love the cold.

Ice-bath & Sauna

Comfort in discomfort. Feel the heat. Love the cold.

Ice Bath & Sauna Christchurch

Contrast therapy, using a sauna followed by an ice bath, is a health practice that has been used in Scandinavian countries for centuries. The heat from our infrared sauna penetrates deep into the muscle tissue, followed by a cool down in our ice bath, as part of resilience training. Your immune system will thank you for sessions in our ice bath and infrared sauna Christchurch.

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Ice Bath And Sauna Christchurch

O-Studio offers a range of ice bath and sauna sessions.

The Ice-bath & Sauna Intro • $129 for 3 sessions

Give this practice a serious go. You will find that you train yourself to spend more time in the ice-bath, and experience the real benefits of this unique practice. Bring a friend along for an extra $10 per session.

O-Unlimited • $75 per week / Three month contract

Get unlimited access to all our services (excluding massage). Float every single week if you like. Yoga & pilates on tap. Meditation, ice-bath & sauna and more! Receive a free coaching session when you sign up to ensure you get the most out of O-Studio. This membership could change your life.

  • Unlimited access to yoga, pilates & meditation.

  • Unlimited access to float, ice-bath & sauna and the recovery space.

  • 20% off massage.

O-Recover • $35 per week / Three month contract

Life is hard. We push ourselves to the absolute limit day in day out. The O-Recover gives you access to the tools you need to bounce back faster both physically and mentally. Each month, receive a float and ice-bath sauna session PLUS get unlimited use of our recovery space and mellow yoga classes. You are so worth it.

  • One float & Ice-bath and Sauna per month.

  • Unlimited access to the Recovery Space & Mellow Yoga.

  • Services shareable with one other.


When you book in an ice-bath & sauna, you get to use the space however you like for 50 minutes! We do have a guideline that we show you through for the ultimate sauna and ice-bath experience, but whether you follow it is up to you.

Both the infrared sauna and ice-bath are adjustable which means that you are in control of the whole experience!


Whether you are a beginner, or an experienced yogi, our teachers will see you. We cater for all levels of yoga in each class, so dive right in!  

Bring comfortable clothes that you can move in. If you have one, bring a mat and a towel. If you don’t, you’re welcome to hire one from us for a couple of dollars each!

$50 / One-person • $60 Two-Person

Above are the casual prices. See our Pricing page.

How Contrast Therapy Can Help You

In a similar manner to how you might use heat packs and/or ice packs to treat injuries, contrast therapy using a sauna and ice bath, works in much the same way. Alternating between heat and cold forces the blood vessels in your body to open and close, creating a pumping action. This may help anyone experiencing aches and chronic pain, and those with repetitive strain injuries, who want to use it as part of their rehabilitation.

Using a sauna and ice bath is said to not only improve circulation, but it may also have positive effects on the nervous system, and can help with particular conditions and symptoms. Contrast therapy is said to reduce inflammation, swelling, and muscle soreness; it may also help to boost your immune system, and can help people who may be suffering from inflamed or itchy skin conditions (many clients find it leaves their skin glowing). Using our ice bath and infrared sauna Christchurch is a great way to increase your energy and alertness, while helping to burn calories. Many people who use contrast therapy at O-Studio, say they also experience an overall better sense of wellbeing, improving mood and enhancing sleep.

You may have heard that contrast therapy is often used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking for quick recovery from training or pain relief from sore muscles and injuries, however, we recommend our sauna and ice bath sessions for any busy people wanting to improve their health and wellbeing.

Take The Plunge At O-Studio

When you book the ice bath and infrared sauna Christchurch here at O-Studio, you get to use the space however you wish for 50 minutes! Both are adjustable meaning you are in control, and while we do have guidelines to help you achieve the ultimate sauna and ice bath experience, whether you follow it is completely up to you.

Call our wellness team today on (03) 365 2447, or see us at 14/26 Welles Street, and experience the many benefits that come with contrast therapy, using our sauna and ice bath.