Fun and fitness. Strengthen your core. Sweat it out.


Fun and fitness. Strengthen your core. Sweat it out.

Pilates Classes Christchurch

Pilates is all about fun and improving general fitness. Considered a low-impact exercise, Pilates is not restricted to specific body parts, but it does put an emphasis on strengthening the muscles by concentrating on the core and improving postural alignment, balance, and flexibility. As the leaders in Pilates Christchurch, our classes focus on control, technique, and endurance to provide a wealth of benefits.

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Why Pilates Christchurch?

More than just a workout, with Pilates you can use the weight of your own body or specific Pilates equipment. With a number of exercises and stretches, Pilates really is suitable for everyone - from those that are beginners and trying it for the first time, to more advanced techniques for those that have made Pilates a part of their everyday routine.

While it is undeniable that our clients enjoy our Pilates classes and get so much out of them, you also can’t go past the great range of health benefits. Pilates increases muscle strength and tone in the core areas of your body including abdomen, lower back, hips, and haunches. You will also find improved flexibility, posture, stabilisation of your spine, physical coordination and balance, and even concentration. Pilates can help by providing safe rehabilitation of joints and spinal injuries or can help to prevent injuries related to muscle imbalances. It also relaxes your body (shoulders, neck, and upper back), aids in stress management by relaxing the mind, and it often helps to increase lung capacity and circulation through deep breathing.

Pilates Classes Christchurch

O-Studio offers a range of options for Pilates classes Christchurch.

The Yoga Intro • $69

A whole month of unlimited pilates classes, plus yoga and meditation. Enjoy 20% off all our services like flotation and our Ice-bath and sauna while you're on the yoga intro deal too! We look forward to supporting you on your yoga journey.

O-Move • $55 per week / One month contract

Stay active in body and mind with the O-Move membership. Make full use of all our class options: yoga, pilates & meditation. PLUS receive a float session every single month to use yourself or give away as a gift voucher to a loved one.

  • Unlimited access to yoga, pilates & meditation.

  • One float a month for personal use or as a gift.

  • 20% off additional services (excluding massage).

Condition Your Body With Pilates Christchurch

The creator of The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning, Joseph Pilates, described Pilates as a ‘complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit,’ and at O-studio, our Pilates classes Christchurch, are exactly that. Pilates is an escape from the distractions, stresses, challenges, and chaos in your life.

Instead, Pilates brings more balance into your life. Pilates is a form of exercise that not only assists in sculpting your body, but it can clear your mind and put you in a state of peace and tranquillity. To learn more about Pilates, call our wellness experts today on (03) 365 2447, or see us at 14/26 Welles Street, and you will enjoy the serenity that comes with Pilates Christchurch.