Slow your breath. Feel each muscle. Sweat it out.


Slow your breath. Feel each muscle. Sweat it out.

Yoga Classes Christchurch

O-Studio offers the very best in personal service and experiences. A practice involving the mind and body, yoga combines ancient breathing techniques, meditation, and movement and posture, to promote better mental and physical wellbeing. Visit us today and see firsthand why we are the best Christchurch yoga studio.

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Our Yoga Classes Christchurch


Our newest offering at O-Studio. Build functional strength and stability for active lifestyles. You will sweat. Your core will work. You will feel the burn.


An energetic vinyasa flow with an emphasis on yoga conditioning and flexibility work. You will breathe and flow. You will find your balance. You will enjoy the challenge.


A mindful balance of movement and holds. Tension and release. You will move. You will feel refreshed. Your body will be free. 


An integration of yin and restorative practices. We let go of tension through slowing down and going deep into simple poses. You will stretch. You will feel calm. Your body will be rested.


Our classes range between 45 minutes and an hour. If you turn up 10 minutes before your session, you will be able to get comfortable in a spot, and get yourself in the zone! Each class is designed around the central themes of our dynamic, align and mellow movement. In saying that, every class is different. 

Expect some personality from the teacher as they lead you through a bespoke experience that is built for the people in the room.


Whether you are a beginner, or an experienced yogi, our teachers will see you. We cater for all levels of yoga in each class, so dive right in! 

Bring comfortable clothes that you can move in. If you have one, bring a mat and a towel. If you don’t, you’re welcome to hire one from us for a couple of dollars each!

The Yoga Intro • $69

Experience all that yoga O-Studio has to offer for a whole month with a month of unlimited yoga and meditation! Enjoy 20% off all our services like flotation and our Ice-bath and sauna while you're on the yoga intro deal too! We look forward to supporting you on your yoga journey.

O-Move• $55 per week / One month contract

Stay active in body and mind with the O-Move membership. Make full use of all our class options: yoga, pilates & meditation. PLUS receive a float session every single month to use yourself or give away as a gift voucher to a loved one.

  • Unlimited access to yoga, pilates & meditation.

  • One float a month for personal use or as a gift.

  • 20% off additional services (excluding massage).

$24 / Drop-In

Bookings are essential.
See our pricing page for all our great options!

The Benefits Of Our Yoga Studio Christchurch

When you start at our Christchurch yoga studio, it won’t take long for you to see and experience the many benefits of yoga. Yoga tends to focus on exercise, agility, and breathing, and the style of yoga you choose should be based on your personal goals, however, you might also want to consider your fitness level.

Regular yoga practice can promote endurance, build muscle strength, support heart health, encourage better breathing, enhance flexibility, relieve chronic pain, improve sleep, and yoga can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression by promoting more calm in your everyday world.

People who regularly take part in yoga, often find that it really boosts both their overall physical, and mental wellbeing, so why wouldn’t you want to do some yoga classes Christchurch, and tap into those incredible benefits.

Improve Your Quality Of Life At Our Yoga Studio Christchurch

At our O-Studio Christchurch yoga studio, you will find a space that is ideal for supporting active lifestyles and building functional strength and stability.

With yoga, your body will sweat, your core will work, and you will feel the burn, so when you come to our yoga studio Christchurch, bring clothes that are comfortable to move in. You should also bring a mat and a towel, however, if you don’t have them, we also offer a hire service. The health and wellbeing of our clients is always our top priority.

So, before you start at our yoga practice, if possible, consult with your medical professional. If you would like further details, call our experienced team today on (03) 365 2447, and you will find our Christchurch yoga studio at 14/26 Welles Street.